Sunday, June 29, 2014

#21 - Henry Lowe

Immigrant 9th Great grandfather, Henry was born in 1639 in Denby, Derbyshire, England.  He immigrated to Maryland Colonies in 1674.  He married Susanna Maria Benett.  He passed away in 1717 in St Mary’s, Maryland.

It would be neat if I can tie this in to become another Patriot for the Daughters of the American Colonists.  Some family trees (not confirmed) reflect that he is a Colonel.

I descend from his son, Samuel Lowe Sr. (now I need to confirm this as most records I see don’t list a Samuel as a son).  

#20 - Grade 12

Senior year of High School . . .wow, what a year.  Lots of memories  - where do I start?

Christmas Tolo – went to the dance with a buddy from Search & Rescue, John Graham.  He attended our rival high school.  The dance was held 5 days after I had knee surgery.  Yes, I did dance!  And had a great time! 

What was the surgery?  Well, I had this “bump” on my knee.  It was actually a bone spur that was non-cancerous.  It caused me a lot of pain.  If I overdid it in exercise, it was very difficult to go up and down stairs.  We had one doctor that wouldn't do the surgery.  He felt that it was cosmetic and that I would just be exchanging a lump for a scar and that I had it my entire life and that I would be out of commission for at least a month or two.  Not so!  We asked for a second opinion and he was great.  Said, “if it is bothering you, then it must be removed” and he indicated I wouldn't even have a cast!

Seniors had privileges – our lockers were on a separate level from everyone else and we didn't have to share a locker.  We could also eat at the higher level.

Senior activities during Senior week right before graduation were something else.  Our Picnic was a trip to Deep Lake.  We had Baccalaureate (lots of practice) then Graduation Practice.  We were originally going to have our ceremonies at Tiger Stadium (outdoors) but weather wasn't great so we had it indoors at the high school (although it turned out to be a beautiful day).

Graduation was with honors and I walked down the aisle with a good friend and classmate Robin Krick (Spanish classmate known as Roberto).  Haven’t seen him since except for once when we both were taking the CPA Exam in Seattle.

Friday, June 27, 2014

125th State Grange Convention

June 23, 2014 - Travel Day.  Left home around 12:20.  David drove me down to Centralia to Alice's house so she can drive the rest of the way to the convention.  We arrived at our hotel, Red Lion Hotel - Vancouver at the Quay at  3:10 and checked in.  We also checked in as delegates and received our packets.  Then we wandered around the hotel to get our bearings for the next few days.  Had an early dinner in the bar then went back to our rooms to unpack and unwind.

June 24, 2014 - We had a busy morning with turning in our entries, auction baskets & cookies.  We also turned in items for the Youth Departments Keep Washington Warm Project.
100_9495 100_9496
Committee work started at 10 am and most were done by 11.  This will be presented to the Delegate body over the next couple of days to be voted on.
This afternoon was the Memorial Service for Past Masters and their spouses plus a roll call memorial.  It was a very beautiful ceremony.
We then had a fashion show that included two of our own members.  They started in the 1970's and went backwards to the pioneer days.
100_9490 100_9492

Then we had a reenactment of the very first State Grange meeting.  This was entertaining and some topics haven't changed.
The evening ended with a bake sale auction and an old fashioned square dance.
June 25, 2014 -  It was a very long day.  Opening ceremonies included the Master's address, approving lots of minutes, and adopting lots of things pertaining to the session.
Some committee reports were finalized and we voted on them and any resolutions they had.
Then we broke for a picnic lunch at Vancouver Landing (next to the hotel).  At least the weather was cooperative.
The afternoon was filled with Degree work.  The First Degree was done in the tradition of 1889.  Wow, it was really different.
Alice  & I took some time off and went to Ft Vancouver to enjoy the day.  Here is just a couple of photos - one of the fort site and one of the mansions on Officer Row.Ft Vancouver  Officer Row

We came back in time for the evening Degree work.  The Rose Drill was beautiful.
June 26 - Today was another long day.
I attended the Family Living Celebration Breakfast.  Awards were presented to Subordinates and Pomonas.
The morning session was filled with more committee reports and voting on resolutions.  Today had some hot topics in Grange Law & State Legislative.  Oh, there were new attendees - each of the State Officers had a critter at their station.  By noon, one was kidnapped and held for ransom by the Youth Department.  In the afternoon, another one was kidnapped.  Haven't heard if a ransom note has been issued or not.
Lots of laughter, especially over the the critters.
Back to the meeting . . . we had a Guest Speaker in the morning - Jack Field, Executive Director of Washington Cattlemen Assoc.  He talked about EPA, Clean Water Act, and WOTUS.
Granger of the Year was awarded during our morning session.
We were supposed to have our Group Photo today but the weather was not cooperative so it has been postponed to tomorrow.
The afternoon included approving yesterday's minutes, more committee reports, entertainment and another speaker.  George Caan, WPUDA Executive Director.  Did you know that the Grange was very instrumental in the creation of PUDs?.
We finished off the evening with the Celebration Banquet and live auction.  Our Grange received a Certificate of Appreciation from the State Membership Director for signing up 2 new members in the last year.
We also took some time out to check out the Lecturer's and Family Living Displays.  Contest entries were checked out and we have several blue ribbons, a First Place and 3rd Place Ribbons in sewing (congrats to Joyce Kludt).
June 27 - Red Tennis Shoe day . . . there were a lot visible as well as a lot of red shirts.  This was in honor of JR Day.
We started the morning out with more Committee reports, hearing from our National representatives and hearing from Rep Ed Orcutt from the 20th Legislative District.  We also honored two Granges for having 100 years of continuous attendance at Convention. 
Noon started with the Ice Cream Social by the Junior Grange.  Yummy!
Afternoon session had us finishing up the Committee reports, approving yesterday's minutes and final Lecturer's Program.  We also had a presentation by the Juniors the results of their year long fund raiser for the Summit Assistance Dogs.  They raised $2,191.91!  Our guest speaker was Bud Hover, Dept of Agriculture Director.
We finished off with a group photo taken at Vancouver Landing.   There is the State Grange Talent Contest this evening.
Tomorrow will be our last day.

June 28 - Final day.  The Youth and Juniors did their rituals and awards.  The afternoon was installation and a fun program put on by the Has Beens.  I'm so glad this is over for another year.    Tomorrow will be our travel day home.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

52 Ancestors #20 – Andreas Hans August Pflughaupt

What a name!  Andreas is my 4th great grandfather on my father’s side of the family tree.  I don’t have a whole lot of information on Andreas except that he married Anna Oldach on the 22nd of June 1792 in Mecklenburg, Germany and they had at least 3 children that I could find when my aunt & I were researching the German Church Records at a local Family History Center.

Using Family Search, I was able to add an additional child.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

#19 - My Mother

I already talked about her as My Favorite Female Relative.  What else can I say?  How about a photo essay? 

Senior Year 1956

Wedding Day - Aug 30, 1957

Keesee Kampout - 2011

Showing prize cow at SWWF - early 1950's

Keesee siblings - year unknown

Mother/Daughter Weekend - Seaside, OR Wine Tour - Nov 2013

At the Beach

Family Photo - 1960

Christmas 2012

Friday, June 13, 2014

#19 - Lavina Morgan

Not much is known about Lavina (my paternal great-great grandmother).  She was born 18 May 1841 in Kentucky and died in April 1918 in Wendell, Gooding County, Idaho.  She married Charles Warren Davis on 22 Dec 1869 in Cass County, Illinois (Source:

Looks like I will need to send off for a copy of the marriage record to see if parental information is provided for both parties.

18 – Favorite TV Shows

For as long as I can remember, we had a TV when I was growing up.  Of course, it was a basic black & white for many years and required an antenna to watch.

When we lived out on the prairie (Grand Mound/Rochester), I can remember watching The Smothers Brothers with my parents.  I don’t recall watching TV during the day – just in the evenings.

Up in the valley (Centralia), we could only get a couple of channels.  Once we installed an antenna rotator – we could watch several channels.  Although, Portland channels seem to come in better than Seattle.  Some of the shows we watched included Petticoat Junction, Star Trek (the Original series), Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza, Adam-12, Dragnet, Lawrence Welk, Hee-Haw, The Price is Right, Password, What’s my Line, Dark Shadows, General Hospital, Days of our Lives (Mom liked her soaps and game shows; Dad liked westerns & science fiction).  Oh, we had Bewitched  and I Dream of Jeannie.  There was Battlestar Galactica, Emergency, and Porter Wagoner show. 

Kids shows were Wanda Wanda, JP Patches, and Brakeman Bill (all local).  It wasn’t until our own child did we watch Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street.

We watched several movies – especially John Wayne.  There was one movie I remember watching with my dad that had to deal with mole people (they lived in the dark underground in the mud).

Now, we seem to watch shows like CSI (and it’s spinoffs), JAG (and it’s NCIS spinoffs), ER, Blue Bloods, Mentalist, Pawn Stars, American Restoration and a few oldies that are playing on the Retro channel or we can get from Netflix.

I remembered a few more shows we watched growing up - Partridge Family, Mr. Ed, Addams Family, Lassie, Brady Bunch, Hollywood Squares, The Gong Show.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

#18 - Henry Secor

Henry Secor was born c1822 in New York.  He married a Lydia and they had at least four children – Abel, Mary Jane, Roland, & Lenora.

Known information/sources:

·       1850 Federal Census – Swan Township, Noble County, Indiana.  Lists Henry at age 28 as a farmer born in New York.  Members of household include Lydia (22), Abel (4), and Mary J (4/12).  Lydia was born in New York, Abel in Michigan, & Mary J in Indiana.

·       1860 Federal Census – Avilla, Allen Township, Noble County, Indiana.  Lists Henry at age 38 as a farmer born in New York.  Members of household include Lillia (31), Abel (12), Mary (10), Roland (6), and Lenora (3).  Lillia was born in New York, Abel in Michigan, and the rest in Indiana.

·       1870 Federal Census – Elkhart, Barigo Township, Elkhart County, Indiana.  Lists Henry at age 48 as a farmer, born in New York.  Cannot Write.  Members of household include Ann Eliza (25), Rowlan G (15), Lenora (13), Ida A (4), James E (2), and Manuel (1).  Ann’s occupation was keeping house and she was born in Ohio.  All the others were born in Indiana.

· has this family with Lydia’s maiden name being Tuttle.  Henry born 22 Nov 1820 in Gennesse, New York and died 5 Mar 1893 in Elkhart, Elkhart County, Indiana and marrying Lydia 13 Mar 1845.  Lydia was born 1829 in New York and died 23 Apr 1861 in Noble County, Indiana.  Lists children as G Henry Able born Nov 1847 in Indiana and died 5 Oct 1907 in Hagerman, Lincoln County, Idaho.  He married Sarah Jane Clemens.  Second child is Mary Jane born Feb 1849 in Swan, Noble County, Indiana and died 1 May 1927 in Hammond, Clatsop County, Oregon and marrying Emanuel S Swinehart on 28th Jun 1870 in Albion, Noble County, Indiana.  Third child is George Roland born 17 Oct 1854 in Avilla, Noble County, Indiana.  Last child is Lanora A born 13 April 1857 in Allen, Noble County, Indiana and died 25 Dec 1934 in Noble County, Indiana.

· has this information on Henry Secor. “Secor Henry, who died at Elkhart on Sunday, was born November 22, 1820 in Genesee County, New York and was married to Miss Lydia Tuttle March 13, 1845. They moved to Avilla in 1850, and to them were born six children, four of whom are living. Mrs. Secor died in 1862, and on October 4, 1864, Mr. Secor was married to Emmaliza Crawford, who though now an invalid, survives him. They had six children, all of whom are living. In March 1870 the family moved to Elkhart County, where they have since resided. Funeral services were held at the residence Tuesday. Interment in Osceola Cemetery.   Obituary from The Whan Collection at the Noble County Public Library. 

·       1880 Federal Census – Baugo, Elkhart, Indiana (compilation – I don’t have the actual census record) indicates that Henry Seacor was 59, a farmer, born in New  York, both parents were born in New York.  Marired to Emma (35) born in Ohio.  Children listed as Ida (14), Emmett (13), Emanuel (11), Perry M (7), Edwin (6), and Ella (3) all born in Indiana.

Another Road Trip

Our son is home on leave and his leave is almost over.  Four weeks goes by fast.  We've had a very busy schedule.  His list of things was actually quite short - mom's chocolate chip cookies, tuna casserole, spaghetti, son's casserole, lasagna, and a trip to the beach for clam chowder.

His first week home was quiet.  One of the activities planned was cancelled but we went to The Brick for dinner so he can get his Nachos.  He attended his first American Legion meeting (after being a member for four years!).

At the State Capitol with other Active Duty Servicemen
At Odd Fellows Cemetery getting set up
Then we had a very busy Memorial Day Weekend - birthday party for a 7-year old grand-niece on my husband's side on Saturday.  Almost all of the family was there to see Nathan and visit with him and he got to see his twin cousins for the first time (they were born one month after he left for Guam and now are 18 months old).  We had the Waterside Services at Percival Landing on Sunday.  The first of several services where he got to fire the Legion cannon.  On Memorial Day itself, we had three services - The State Capitol, The Odd Fellows Cemetery, and Mills & Mills Cemetery.

Firing the cannon to start the services.

Reviewing the agenda with Mayor Pete Kmet, the MC for Mills & Mills services.

The Belles Family after a long day.

The first road trip of the vacation for Nathan started on May 27th.  David & Nathan headed south to Chiloquin, Oregon for some time with my parents at Train Mountain Railroad Museum.  They went to Crater Lake one day.  Then spent the next two days at Train Mountain itself - working and riding the rails before heading back home.

Another quiet week with just a Grange meeting to attend.  Then yesterday, it was a family road trip for the day to Ocean Shores to have clam chowder at Mike's Seafood.  The beach was great - a little windy and cloudy.  Otherwise fantastic weather.  Spend about a couple of hours there before heading back towards home with two stops - one in Aberdeen to visit with Cousin Cheryl & Steve Moore and another stop in Malone to visit with Cousin Mare Williams.

Today ends the weekend with making chocolate chip cookies, tuna noodle casserole and lasagna for tomorrow night's meal.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

# 17 – One Ringy Dingy Two Ringy Dingy

When we lived on the dairy farm in Rochester, we had just one phone that I’m aware of and it was a party line.  Don’t remember what our “ring” was but I know that I had to learn it.  It was a wall phone located in the kitchen.  All phones we had were rotary dial.

The phone we had in Zenkner Valley was also a wall phone with Rotary dial.  However, we had our own line.  I think we had another extension in the “train” room for those times that we were busy with the model railroad.

I’m not sure when I switched to push-button, whether it was in my first apartment or whether it was when I moved to Olympia.  We now have at least three phones (cordless) scattered throughout the house (master bedroom, kitchen & living room).  We also have our own cell phones.