Saturday, August 2, 2014

# 22 – Jobs I have Held

I’ve held lots of jobs.  When I was little (around 5 years old), I got to clean the milk holding tank.  Mom would put me inside and give me the scrubber and I would walk around and scrub it clean.  Then it was rinsed. I think my pay was a dime.  Other jobs on the farm included, feeding cows, cleaning out the calf pens, pulling tansy ($1 per bag), stacking hay bales (pay was a day old calf to raise), gardening, mowing lawn, and baking.

Most of those were probably considered “chores”.  I did pick strawberries for a couple of seasons at Ticknors.  I also did babysitting jobs.

My official working history is as follows:

·       Kitchen Aid, Centralia General Hospital (1976-1978) – part-time after school
·       Secretary to Arts Dept Head, Centralia Community College (1978-1979) – part-time before & after school
·       Bookkeeper, Halvorsen’s Landscaping (1979) – part-time after school
·       Seasonal worker in a blueberry processing plant (1979) – full-time summer job
·       Clerk-Stenographer 2, Dept of Labor & Industries (Aug 1979-)
·       Statistical Reports Compiler 3, Dept of Labor & Industries (-Sept 1983)
·       Accountant 1, Employment Security Dept (Oct 1983-Dec 1984)
·       Accountant 2, Employment Security Dept (Jan 1985-Aug 1988)
·       Accountant 3, Dept of Information Services (Sept 1988-)
·       Financial Mgmt Analyst 1, Dept of Information Services ( )
·       Financial Analyst 5, Dept of Information Services (-Sept 2011) – Job Class conversion
·       Financial Analyst 5, Dept of Enterprise Services (Oct 2011-now) – Agency Merge

I also operated home-based businesses as an Independent Consultant for the following Direct Sales companies:

·       Unicity/Enrich International (late 1990’s- to early 2000’s)
·       Weekenders USA (2004-2008)
·       Tastefully Simple Inc (July 2014-now)