Saturday, March 8, 2014

Winter Activities

I picked a prior year prompt for this week's posting.  Some of this may have already been mentioned in prior postings.

Growing up, I had several winter activities.  I loved to read and spent a lot of time reading books (even in the summer).  This was a passion I got from my Mom.  I can remember reading the Little House series, series on nurses, Chief Joseph and the Whitmans were some of the books I read in grade school.  By the time I was in Junior High, I was reading adult novels by Mary Stewart, Victoria Holt, Agatha Christie series, and Harlequin Romances.  I'm still reading the Harlequins and other Historical Romance books.

My dad has a hobby with HO scale model railroad.  We spent a lot of winter evenings in the “train” room, creating trains and running them on the mainline. 

We also spent Sunday evenings as family game night.  We would play various games like Pa Cheesee, Aggravation, Careers, Life, Let’s Drive, Go Fish, Old Maid, Flinch, and Uno to name a few.

We also watched some TV.  Some of the shows we watched were Bonanza, Courtship of Eddie’s Father, Little House on the Prairie, Star Trek (original series), Charlie’s Angels, Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman.

When there was snow, we would have sledding, snow forts, building snowmen, and snowball fights.

I had Barbie dolls to play with as well as other dolls.  My brother & I had legos, Lincoln logs, and Tinker Toys that we built lots of things.  We created blanket forts between our two beds (when we were younger and shared a bedroom until I got my own room).

It wasn’t all fun & games, we had chores to do too.  We had to feed the cows hay every morning (non-school days --- Mom did school days) and every night.  We had our own calf we were raising that we had to feed and muck out the stall.  There was baking to do every Saturday morning along with helping Mom do laundry.  Had to wash/dry dishes.  We also were responsible for cleaning our own bedroom.

#9 James Stead

James Stead is another one of my immigrant ancestors.  He is my third great grandfather on my mother’s side.

James was born c 1819 in England.  He married Mary Ann Tolson on 1st of Sept 1851 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England.

James & Mary had six children:

  1.  Thomas born Jan 1847 in England (my ancestor)
  2.  Elizabeth Stead born circa 1848 in England
  3.  William Talson born July 1851 in Seneca Falls, New York
  4.  Mary Ann born 14th Nov 1853 in Seneca Falls, New York
  5.  Francis A born 23 Aug 1855 in Seneca Falls, New York
  6. James D born Feb 1859 in Seneca Falls, New York.

Based on US Federal Census, the family lived in the following areas:
·        1860 – 4th Ward Seneca Falls Village, Seneca County, New York.
·        1870 – Dundee, Kane County, Illinois.  Occupation is moulder.
·        1880 – Dundee, Kane County, Illinois.

I have some inconsistencies as to when James immigrated to the United States.  I’m not sure how he could have children born in New York, yet was married in England.  It is possible that there were 2 James Stead with a wife by the name of Mary who were born at the same time.  I really need to locate immigration records to verify where in England James was from.