Sunday, October 11, 2015

October Birthdays & Anniversaries

A perfect topic for this week . . . We have several birthdays this month in my husband's family.  A niece, Megan Smith Collier and her two children plus two more grand-nephews from another niece.  Here's the kicker . . . 3 of them share the same day of the month.

But we are to talk about my ancestors . . . 

The earliest ancestor to have a birthday in October is Eleanor De Bohun, daughter of Humphre de Bohun and Elizabeth Plantagent, and the wife of James Boteler.  She was born on the 17th of October 1304 and died the 7th of October 1363.  One of the records indicates that her marriage to James took place in October as well.  Her oldest, James Boteler, was also born in October at Kilkenny Castle on the 4th in 1331.  He died on the 18th of October 1382 at Knocktopher Castle.

Joseph Allein & Theodoshia Alleine were married on 4th Oct 1655 in Ditcheat, Somerset, England.  Joseph was born in 1633 in Devizes, Wiltshire, England to Toby Alleine.  Theodoshia was born in either 1616 or 1630 in Ditcheat, Somerset, England to Richard Alleine.  Their daughter, Isabella, married Rev. John Rutherford in the month of October.  Isabella was born in 1655 in Ditcheat, Somerset, England and died in 1740 in Ireland.  John Rutherford was born in 1653 in Morebattle, Roxburghshire, Scotland and died in County Down, Ireland.

Thornburg Mabbit was born on 28th Oct 1799 in Maryland.  Parents are unknown.  He died 9 March 1870 in Madison County, Indiana.  He married Susannah Smith 6th of June 1822 in Wayne County, Indiana.  I descend through their daughter, Elizabeth, who married Christopher Columbus Maynard.  I have conflicting information in regards to birth dates, etc.  I have the same dates for both Thornburg & Elizabeth.  One of them has to be wrong.

Moses Stanley and Ellen Lowe were married 29th of October 1822 in Patrick Co, Virginia.  Ellen was born 4th of May 1803 in Patrick Co, Virginia to Aaron Lowe & Sarah Frazier.  Moses was born 2 of May 1800 in Franklin Co, Virginia to William Stanley and Nancy Mullins.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Timeline for Edward Earl Ulerich

Information is based upon research and copies of known documents.  This is to put together a story of my husband’s maternal grandfather.  As more information is obtained, this will be updated.

  • 31 Aug 1883 – Born in Logansport, Cass, Indiana to John Daniel Ulerich & Sarah Josephine Keever.
  • 12 Jun 1900 – Federal Census:  Clay township, Cass, Indiana.  SD 4 ED 11.  Listed with a George Shirey as a Laborer on the farm. Age 16.  Born Aug 1883 in Indiana.  Father in Pennsylvania, Mother in Indiana.
  • 15 April 1910 – Federal Census:  Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington.  Supv Dist 2, ED 6 Ward of City 5, 1st Precinct.  Boarder at Hotel Western on South K Street.  Age 26, Single.  Born in Indiana; father in Pennsylvania; mother in Indiana.  Occupation:  Express Clerk in own Express Office.  (Have copy of census).
  • 12 Sept 1918 – WW1 Registration card. Age 35.  Permanent home address:  Young America, Indiana.  Registration address:  419 W Hume, Aberdeen, Washington.  Foreman at Ryan Fruit Co.  (Have copy)
  • 26 Jan 1920 – Federal Census:  Aberdeen City, Grays Harbor, Washington. SD 3 ED 71.  419 W Hume St.  Listed with a Peter Ibsen, Head, owned, mortgaged, age 52, Single, immigrated 1888, naturalized 1895.  Edward E Ulerich, Partner, age 36, divorced, born in Indiana, father in Pennsylvania, mother in Indiana, shipping clerk at retail furniture. (Have copy)
  • 14-15 month 1920 – Federal Census:  Harrison Twp., East Precinct, Darke, Ohio.  S.D. 3, E.D. 106.  Lists Edward Ulerick as Head, age 39, Married; Pearl as wife, age 26, married; Marie as daughter, age 7, single; Lucille as daughter, age 7, single; & Dorothy as daughter, age 1/12, single.  Renting. Place of birth for all is Ohio.  Farm Laborer on own farm.  His parents born in United States. {Age & birth location does not match – however, info is too similar to ignore}. (Have copy).  Also, family members said that he had a previous marriage and there were twin daughters.
  • 25 Oct 1924 – Marriage in Olympia, Thurston, Washington to Pearl Marie Kesling, daughter of Samuel Titus Kesling & Nora Viola Brown.
  • 10 month 1930 – Federal Census:  Aberdeen, Grays Harbor, Washington.  Aberdeen Precinct; 6th pt of (Ward).  S.D. 6th.  E.D. 14-11.  1621 Cherry Street.  Edward Ulerich, head, own, age 46, married at age 41, born in Indiana, father in Pennsylvania, mother in Indiana; Pearl K, wife, age 33, married at age 28, born in Indiana, parents born in Indiana; Sarah K, daughter, age 4 7/12 , single, born in Washington;  Marguerite Kesling, sister-in-law; age 12, single, born in Indiana.  Occupation:  Shipping Clerk in furniture store. (Have copy)
  • 1935 – Lived on Solki Rd in Central Park per 1940 census.
  • 12 Apr 1940 – Federal Census:  Central Park, Grays Harbor, Washington.  S.D. 3 E.D. 14-37.  Farm on Solki Road.  Edward E Ulerich, head, age 56, married, 8th grade, born in Indiana; Pearl K., wife, age 43, married, 1 yr. College, born in Indiana; Sarah K., daughter, age 14, single, 1 yr High School, born in Washington; George E Stubler, nephew, age 27, single, 4 yrs High School, born in Indiana, lived in Walton, Carrol, Indiana in 1935; Marguerite Kesling, sister-in-law, age 22, single, 4 yrs high school, born in Indiana.  Occupation:  Shipping Clerk in furniture. (Have copy)
  • WW2 Registration card:  Box 123, Rt 1 Montesano, Grays Harbor, Washington, age 58.  Wife is Pearl.  Employed by Kaufmann Scroggs in Aberdeen. (Have copy of document).
  • 3 Sept 1952 – Widowed at death of wife, Pearl.
  • 10 Nov 1957 – Married Ruth Dilts at Aberdeen Presbyterian Church, Grays Harbor, Washington.  (Have copy of marriage certificate).  According to family members, they later separated.
  • 30 Oct 1966 – Died in Central Park, Grays Harbor, Washington.