Sunday, July 13, 2014

#23 William Hurt (Sr)

William is my 10th great grandfather.  He was born circa 1627 to Thomas Hurt and Martha Winston in Bristol, Gloucestershire, England.  He died circa 1704 in King William County, Virginia.

It is possible that he was one of 25 immigrants brought over from England to Virginia Colony in 1650 by Steven Hamlin.  He was living in St Stephens Parish in King William County, Virginia on the 12th of November 1691.

He married a Margaret and they had at least three children:  John, William, and Isabella.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

#22 Thomas Cains

Thomas is my 5th great grandfather.  Thomas was born circa 1787 in Somerset, Pennsylvania.  He died 9 Sept 1852 in Blaine, Lawrence County, Kentucky.  He was married to Candace Borders.

I found him and his wife in the 1850 Federal Census in Lawrence County, Kentucky.

I descend from his son Andrew Jackson Caines.

Need the following information:

  1.              Parents Names
  2.     Siblings
  3.     Other Children

Friday, July 4, 2014

# 21 – My First Dance

Hmmm . . . does dances during PE classes count?  If so, that would have been in grade school – square dancing.

There was also Girl Scouts where we learned some basic steps.

However, the official first dance would have been in Junior High.  I can’t remember if that would have been 7th grade or 8th grade.  Sock hop – I believe I went with a girl friend.  There were a couple of guys I wanted to dance with.  I know I had to ask – nobody asked me.  That pretty much held true for all dances I attended in both Junior and Senior High.