David Belles' memories

I don’t remember much about Kindergarten, after all, that was almost 60 years ago! However, I do remember that my teacher was Mrs. Monroe and that we played and took naps.  We had to bring a rug with us on the first day of school and we took our naps on it. I also remember story time when the teacher would read to us.
First Grade
I remember even less from First Grade. I think we learned the alphabet and probably started basic reading. At some point we began reading the Dick and Jane primer. I know (from what my Mom told me) that I had a hard time sitting still and was a disruptive influence.
Driver’s License
I got a driver’s permit while in high school to take Driver’s Education but didn’t get a license. While in the Army I got an Army license for driving tanks, jeeps, and 2 ½ ton trucks. While in Texas I bought a motorcycle and needed a license so I went to a Texas DMV license station. They had me take the wrimotorcycle tests and got an endorsement.
When I returned home, Washington didn’t recognize the Texas license so I had to retake the written and driving test. I then got tested for and received the motorcycle endorsement.
Grades 2 and 3
Other than continuing to learn nothing stands out in my memory about this period. I know I continued to have trouble sitting still and because of this was held back part way into the third grade. This seemed to be a better fit for me. I also changed schools so the kids I knew at Alexander Young Elementary wouldn’t make fun of me. The kids at AJ West just saw me as a new student.
Naughty or Devilish Things I Did as a Kid
This is tough as I was a pretty good kid and didn’t get into a lot of trouble. There was an elderly woman who lived in the house behind ours. The house was dark with weathered shingles and there was a wood shed next to it (something rare at the time). I and my neighborhood friends thought she was a witch. I remember us climbing a tree next to her house and walking on her roof once (I can’t remember the reason for doing this).
Games Played

We played lots of outside games during the summer and on nice days. There was tag and hide-and-seek (and its Kick-the-Can variation). Us guys had marbles and sometimes played war or cowboys-and-Indians. The girls played Jacks, jump rope, and Hop-Scotch. I also remember playing Checkers, Chinese Checkers, darts, and Tic-Tac-Toe.

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