Porter Timeline

1634 – York Co, VA founded.  Formerly known as Charles River Co, VA.

1648 – Northumberland Co, VA created

1651 – Lancaster Co, VA established from Northumberland and York Counties, VA

1654 – New Kent Co, VA was established from York Co, VA

1656 – Rappahannock Co, VA formed from part of Lancaster Co, VA.  Became extinct in 1692.

1664 – Albemarle Co, NC established and abolished in 1689

1670 – Chowan Co, NC formed as a precinct in Albemarle Co, NC.

1691 – King and Queen Co, VA was established from New Kent Co, VA

1692 – Essex Co, VA was established from the old Rappahannock Co, VA

1696 – Bath Co, NC established and abolished in 1739.

1702 – King William Co, VA was formed out of King & Queen Co, VA

1709 – Benjamin Porter born in England

1721 – Spotsylvania Co, VA was established from Essex, King and Queen and King William Counties, VA

1722 – Bertie Co, NC formed as Bertie Precinct from part of Chowan Precinct of Albemarle Co, NC

1730 – Benjamin married Ann Campbell

1734 – Orange Co, VA created from Spotsylvania Co, VA
1734 – Bladen Co, NC formed as Bladen Precinct of Bath Co, NC

1737 – Patrick Porter born in the colonies

1738 – Augusta Co, VA formed from Orange Co, VA

1741 – Edgecombe Co, NC formed from Bertie Co, NC

1746 – Granville Co, NC formed from Edgecombe Co, NC

1750 – Anson Co, NC formed from Bladen Co, NC

1752 – Orange Co, NC formed from parts of Bladen Co, Granville Co, & Johnston Co, NC

1753 – Rowan Co, NC formed from northern part of Anson Co, NC

1756 – Patrick Porter & Susannah Walker married in Orange Co, NC

1757 – Samuel Porter born in Guilford Co, NC (more likely it was Orange Co, NC).

1770 – Botetourt Co, VA formed from Augusta Co, VA

1771 – Guilford Co, NC formed from parts of Rowan Co & Orange Co, NC

1772 – Fincastle Co, VA formed from Botetourt Co, VA
1772 – Patrick Porter received Land grant from Fincastle Co, VA

1776 – Washington Co, VA formed from Fincastle Co, VA

1784 – Benjamin Porter died in Orange Co, VA

1786 – Russell Co, VA formed from Washington Co, VA

1789 – Elizabeth Porter born in Virginia

1803 – Samuel Porter died in Scott Co, VA.

1805 – Patrick Porter died in Dungannon, Scott Co, VA {this is actually Russell County}

1807 – Elizabeth Porter & Thomas Bevins married in Pike Co, KY. [go to Bevins Timeline]

1814 – Scott Co, VA formed from Russell Co, VA

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