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Ulerich family - Part 1 Henry Ulerich & his children

This is an update to an earlier blog posting.  I've learned more about the family and have pictures as well as documents.  The   Ulerich family came from Germany.  As of today, I do not have the immigrant ancestor.  But I do know that they lived in Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Washington State.  Ulerich was my mother-in-law's maiden name.  Bolded, underlined names are her direct line.  Majority of the information below is from Federal Census records.

The Ulerich name has several spellings (depending on the census taker, etc).  Spelling variations include Ullerich, Ulrich, Ulerick, Ulerich, Allerich, etc.

I was going to do this as one entry but have decided to split it up.

Henry Ulerich was born 16 Oct 1828 in Pennsylvania.  He married Caroline Fry and they had 10 children per Census records.  Henry passed away 30 Dec 1914 in Cass County, Indiana.

  1. John Daniel Ulerich, born Oct 1851 in Pennsylvania (more on a later blog entry)
  2. George Ulerich, born 18 Nov 1853 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  He died 7 July 1937 in Logansport, Cass County,  Indiana.  He married Margaret Metsker on 13 Feb 1885 in Cass County, Indiana.  They had 2 children.
    • Hugh Edgar Ulerich, b 19 Apr 1886 in Cass County, Indiana.  He died July 1968.  He married Leta Ingmire on 22 Feb 1911 in Cass County, Indiana.  It appears no children were born to this union.
    • Harold Clay Ulerich, b 23 May 1904 in Cass County, Indiana.  He died in 1952.  Married Violet Marie Mason on 1 Sept 1923 in Fulton County, Indiana.  They had 3 children.
      • James E Ulerich, b 30 Dec 1924 in Cass Co., Indiana
      • Mason G (or George M) Ulerich, b 27 Jun 1928 in Cass Co. Indiana
      • Margaret M Ulerich, b 9 Jul 1929 in Cass Co., Indiana
  3. Henry Ulerich, born circa 1856 in Pennsylvania.  Married (1) to Martha Stringer on 10 Jan 1878.  Had 1 child.  Married (2) to Emma M (or it could be Mary E) in 1891. No known children from this union.
    • Lily M born c1879 in Indiana. Married Thomas Newport in 1900.  She had died before the 1910 census as Thomas is listed as a widower and still living with Henry.  Children:
      • Orval Glen Newport, b c 1901 in Indiana
      • Flossil Newport, b c 1905 in Indiana
  4. Eva A Ulerich, born Oct 1857 in Pennsylvania.  She died in 1932.  She married Nathaniel Tilton on 14 Mar 1883 in Cass County, Indiana.  They had 2 children.
    • Henry A Tilton b Mar 1884 in Indiana
    • Chauncey E Tilton b Jan 1889 in Indiana
  5. Mary E Ulerich, born circa 1860 in Pennsylvania
  6. Benjamin Frank Ulerich, born 22 Apr 1861 in Pennsylvania.  He died 16 May 1940.  He married an Emma B in 1887.  They had at least 3 children.
    • Henry Ulerich, born Jan 1888 in INdiana
    • Fanny Ulerich, born 28 Oct 1892 in Cass Co, Indiana
    • Emanuel Ulerich, born 11 Feb 1896 in Cass Co, Indiana.
  7. Emma Ulerich, born Jan 1864 in Pennsylvania,  She died 19 Mar 1938.  Married Charles Anderson Bookwalter in 1883. They had 3 children
    • Linnie M., born Dec 1882 in Indiana.  Died 16 Oct 1913.  Married Ben Ellis 22nd Sept 1904. Had 2 children
      • Essie E, born 1905 and died 22 Dec 1911 in Indiana.
      • Kermit C, b 1and died 23 Feb 1977 3 Feb 1908 in Indiana.  Married a Helen and had 2 children
        • Patricia b c1930 in INdiana
        • Jerald b c1932 in Indiana
    • Orlando James, b 1 Feb 1884(5) in Twelve Mile, Cass County, Indiana.  He died 24 Nov 1964 in Cass County, Indiana.  He married Clara Sherrad on 20 Apr 1907 in Hoover, Indiana.  They had 6 children
      • Harrold b c1909 in Indiana
      • Varsick b c1911 in Indiana 
      • Francis b c1916 in Indiana
      • Norman b c1920 in Indiana
      • Maxine b c1922 in Indiana
      • Leon b c1925 in Indiana
    • Carl E. b in 1887 and died in 1889
  8. Martin Ulerich, born 18 Dec 1867 and died 28 Jul 1944 in Indiana.  He married an Emma in 1889.  They had 5 children.
    • Cecil b Mar 1890 in Indiana 
    • Harry b Feb 1891 in Indiana
    • Noble Vance b 17 Nov 1893 in Indiana and died 17 Dec 1964 in Greens Fork, Wayne County, Indiana.
    • Forrest G born 6 Aug 1895 and died 23 Jul 1981.
    • Lettia b c1903 in Indiana.
  9. Rudolph Ulerich, born circa 1868 in Indiana
  10. Emanuel Ulerich, born 5 Mar 1871 in Indiana and died 24 Mar 1943.  He married Cora Montsmith in 1894.  They had at least two children
    • Mary or May
    • Frank

In 1870, Henry & his family lived in Logansport, Clay Township, Cass County, Indiana.  He was a farmer.  His mother was foreign born.  He cannot read or write.  John was a plasterer.  There is an Ann D. Ulerich living with the family, age 84, and born in Baden and cannot write.  Assumption is that this is Henry's mother.

In 1880, Henry was in Bethlehem Township, Cass County, Indiana.  He is still a farmer and still cannot read or write.  Both parents are listed as being born in Germany.  Eva is the oldest still living at home and has been unemployed for 6 months.  Benjamin has been unemployed for 3 months.  Living next door to him (in 1880) is his son, Henry.  Henry's wife is Martha (age 19, born in Indiana).  Also living with him is his daughter, Lily M (age 1, born in Indiana),  Elizabeth Stringer (age 50, widowed, born in Indiana - I assume this may be Martha's mother), her son, Joseph B (age 15, born in Indiana) and her daughter, Nancy J (age 13, born in Indiana).  Henry is listed as a farm laborer.

In 1900, Henry lived with a second wife, Elizabeth, in Bethlehem Township, Cass County, Indiana.  He's listed as a farmer.  Cannot read or write.

In 1910, Henry lived alone in Bethlehem Township, Cass County, Indiana.  Evidently, by this time he can read and write.


  1. Also in Illinois. Amanda Ulerich move to Illinois. She is buried there too. She was married and I'll post her married name later

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