Sunday, November 26, 2017

Surnames A-Z: B Names

Continuing the blog list of surnames for both mine and my husband's family that I'm doing genealogical research.  Maybe we connect, maybe not.  If some of the names look like royalty, they are.

Here are the B's:

Bailiffe - 
Barclay - 
Barge - England, New Jersey
Barnes - 
Bartlett - 
Bathurst - England
Belcher - England, Virginia, Kentucky
Belles, Bellesfelt, Bellowsfelt - Washington, Kansas, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Germany
Belson - 
Bender -
Benett - 
Bertrand - 
Beuford - Virginia
Bevins - Kentucky, Virginia, Ireland
Blair - Maryland
Blevins - Virginia, Kentucky
Boleyn - England
Borders - Virginia
Boteler, Butler - Ireland, England
Brereton - Pennsylvania
Brooke - 
Brown - Illinois, New Jersey, England, Indiana
Burton - Virginia

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