Saturday, February 22, 2014

#7 Grades 3 & 4

I had already talked about 3rd Grade earlier so I will focus on 4thGrade.  I was still at Oakview Elementary School and we still had too many students for just one classroom.  However, this was the first time that the class behind us also had too many students.  So, they created a split class.  We had one row of desks for 3rd Grade (I think it was only 5 or 6 kids) and 3 rows for 4th Grade.  Our teacher was Mrs. Calkins.  I really liked her.  We also had a student teacher that assisted the 3rd Grade students.  I think sometimes, I also helped out by listening to them read.

The classroom was in the old Music Room in the older part of the school and it was next to the boys bathroom.  I can remember that the halls echoed when you walked down them.  There was only the 3 classrooms (5th& 6th Grade besides our room – I think one of those rooms was actually the 4th Grade and the 6th grade was down in the new part of the school near the Principal’s Office).  The play shed was also at the old end of the building.  It was where we lined up in the mornings to enter the school.  Grades 1-3 at one door and 4-6 at the other.

I was still involved with Girl Scouts and had my friends.  I probably made new friends as well . . . not sure if I had a “best friend”.  Those seem to change every year.  

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