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#12 – William Stanley/Standley

William is my 6th great grandfather on my mother’s side. Here is what I know about William:

Born approx. 1720 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia and died October 1784 in Henry County, Virginia.  He married Judith Mullins.  They had 10 children.

There is a published will . . . . the following information came from website:

The last Will and Testament of William Stanley (sic): In the Name of God. Amen. This seventeenth day of August in the eyar of our Lord God One Thousand seven hundred & Eighty four I William Stanley of Henry County being very sick but of a Perfect Mind and Memory thank be to God for it and calling to mind the Mortality of my boday and knowing that it is appointed for all man to die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament tha is to say...and first all I give and recomment my Soul to God that gave it and my body to the Earth to be busy and in a Christian like manner at the descretion of my Execuors...That is to pay all my lawfull debts to be paid. Item I give and bequeathe unto my DEARLY BELOVED WIFE JUDY STANLEY my lands and tenements and all I possess, Horses, Cattle, Sheep, Hoggs, $ Household Furniture and at her decease my GRANDSON WILLIAM STANLEY to have a Riding Mare and to young then all to be sold and equally divided amongst ALL MY CHILDREN VIZ,. MARY STANLEY, JANE MULLINGS, JOGN STANLEY, WILLIAM STANLEY, JOSSES STANLEY, ANN ATKINS. I do make and constitute my Wife Judy Stanley and my son Richard Stanley my soul executors...witnesses, John Turner, William Hunter, William Mullings. 

1785 HENRY CO., VA WILL ABSTRACTS, VOL. 1 & 11, 1777-1820: I:101 Inv and App estate of William Standley, 26 May 1775, by John Turner, William Turner and John Hunter...livestock, furniture, horses, guns...T:58.4.3 

1790 Henry Co. Wa Will Abstracts, Vol 1 $ 11, 1777-1820, page 26, I:190 
Division of estate William Standley 22 Oct 1790 by Larkin Turner, Daniel Smith, William Gurner and George Reives. Ten children. each to recieve 6.6.11 (not named) 

1791 LAND: Franklin Co., VA Roll 31496, page 170 
Feb in the year of our Lord 1791 Richard Standley,m Executor of William Standley, decd., the county of Franklin of the one part and Luke Standifer of the other part witnesseth the said Richard Standley hath and doth for and in consideration of 41 punds, 5 shillings, and 6 pence current money of VA to him, the said Richard Standley. paid, said Luke Standifer the reciept thereof. He. the said Richard Standley, doth acknowledge himself fully satisfied and paid for one tract of land which he sold unto Luke Standifer. A parcel lying in the county of Franklin on the waters of Bueerom Town Creek containing by estimate 103 acres bounded as follows...crossing a fork of the said creek to a hickory north 47 degrees to have and to hold the above mentioned tract or parcel of land in promis of fee simple and the said Richard Standley, executor of mentioned William Standley, decd doth warrand and forever defend the tract... signed Richard Standley. 

William and sons Wm., Jr., John, Richard, and Robet all took the oath of allegiance in Henry Co. in 1777 (C40) thereby making them accepted as Revolutionary War patriots by DAR. William along with sons Wm., Jr., John, Richard, and Joseph were recorded in the personal property tax lists of Henry Co also in 1783-1784 byt was replace by Judith Stanley, his widow, in 1785. Jane continued on the personal property taxlists until 1789. 1767 William and sons William Jr., and John listed in tax list of Pittsylvania Co., Virginia 

14 Oct 1772: William purchased from Shem Cook, both residence of PittsylvaniaCo, Virginia 103 acres on Bueerum of Town Creek of Smith River (Henry Co 1776-1786 and then Frankin Co. after that) being part of tract Shem Cook obtained 16 Feb 1771. Witnesses: Gideon Buches, John Heard, Amas Richardson. 

1777: Virginia, Henry County Book 1, page 94 (Henry Co. was fromed from Pittsylvania Co in 1776) 
Made this =6th day October 1777 between Shenm Cook of Henry County and the one part and William Hunter of sd county...for 200 pounds paid by Wm. on Butram Town Creek of Smith River...303 acres granted by patent to Shem Cook on 16 Feb 1771...between sd Shem Cook and William Stanley... 

1778-1780 Tax Lists of Henry Co., Virginia: 
"An alphabetical List of Tax in the County of Henry for raising a supply of money for the Service of the United States. Delivered to Archaleus Hughes, Esq., Shrif of the said County to cllect, due the 20th day of February 1780... William Standefore, John Stanley, Robert Stanley, William Stanley. William Stanley (2nd), Richard Stanley, ...George Standford..." 

1782 Personal Property tax list of Henry Co. 

1784 Henry Co. Virginia Will Abstracts, Vol. 1 and 11, 1777-1820: pg-- I:91 LWT 

WILLIAM STANLEY. very sick...17 Aug 1784 PR 28 Oct 1784. Wife JUDY STANLEY to have estate during her lifetime and at her death GRANDSON WILLIAM STANLEY is to have a horse. then the balance of the estate to be equally divided among all my CHILDREN; MARY STANLEY, JOHN STANLEY, WILLIAM STANLEY, MOSES STANLEY, RICHARD STANLEY, HANNER ROBERT STANLEY, JOSSES STANLEY, JANE MULLINGS (sic), JUDY BUCK, ANN ATKINS. Exors to be wife Judy Stanley and son Richard Stanley. Wit: John Turner, william Hunter, William Mullings. Exors Judity Stanley and Richard Stanley sec George Rives and William Mullings.

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