Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Thanksgiving - a time to be thankful for many things.  I am thankful for family.  I look back to my childhood and we always celebrated Thanksgiving with my Mom's family - her parents, her siblings, and all of us cousins (32 first cousins).

We would gather for the entire day.  We were so large that the family hosting the event had to rent a hall.  Although, the pictures I have from the early days show we were in homes.

The aromas coming out of the kitchen . . . pies, turkey, ham, potatoes, etc.  There was lots of laughter & joy.  There were sad times as well.

Home movies shown on the wall . . . tag/flag football outside . . . hide-n-seek, tag, and whatever other games us kids could think of.  Groupings of cousins .  . . talking, playing, etc.

We had beautiful weather and we had cold wet weather.
November 1964

November 1967

Now we just get together on a weekend in the summer where most of the family camps and others stay in a hotel.

July 2009 - Astoria, OR

Thanksgiving is now spent with immediate family only.  Sometimes with my family and sometimes with my husband's family.

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