Saturday, January 25, 2014

#1 Kindergarten Days

I was 5 years old when I started Kindergarten at Grand Mound Elementary School in Grand Mound, Thurston County, Washington.  I attended the morning session.  A school bus picked me up every morning (I had to walk a half-mile to the bus stop) and then Mom or my best friend’s mom would pick us up at noon.

I always have trouble remembering the teacher’s name (without looking at the class photo).  I can remember the first day when my mom took me to school and introduced me to the teacher.  I can remember her saying “You are the second Marcella” and to prevent issues, the first “Marcella”  was known as “Marcie”.

We always had free time when we first arrived.  I can remember painting easels.  I always drew houses.  I think there were times we could look at picture books.  There were the nap times (sleeping on rugs we brought from home – mine was bright orange).  During nap time, the teacher would read us stories.

We sat at tables and did various activities.  I can remember playing with clay and making various things.  One time, the fire drill alarms went off.  I was so concerned about finding the plastic bag to put the clay in that I was late for line-up and had to be at the back of the boys’ line.  Yes, we had two lines – girls and boys.

Our classroom was in the basement and we had daylight windows that overlooked the playground.  All we could see were the feet and legs of the older kids when they were playing.  Our recess time was at a different time.  I can only remember being out on the playground a couple of times.

I did have a “boyfriend”.  His name was Kimball Fosnacht and I told mom when I came home from school the first day that we were going to get married right after 12th grade.

The school had a Christmas program where each of the classes did something for the audience.  It seems to me the stage was in the 2nd Grade Classroom.  We sang a song in German – O Tannenbaum.  Wish I could remember all the words now.  In English, it is O Christmas Tree.

My best friend was Susan Kuntz.

When I find my photos, I will add them.

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