Sunday, January 26, 2014

#2 Joseph Bevins (Sr)

My sixth great grandfather (also on my mother’s side).  Joseph was born in 1751 in Belfast, Ireland.  I do not know the name of his parents or his exact birthdate.  My notes indicate that he immigrated in 1770.

He married Mary Annie Noblett (born 1765 in Pennsylvania, died 1812 in Kentucky) in 1784 in Grayson County, Virginia.  They had 10 children (I descend from Thomas, their 6th child who married into the Porter family).  He died in 1824 in Pike County, Kentucky.

Wow . . . I thought I had more information than that.  Based on birth places of their children, they lived in Russell County, Virginia in the 1780’s and Scott County, Virginia in the 1790’s.  More than likely, they never moved as Scott County was formed from Russell County in 1814.

According to Wikipedia, Grayson County wasn’t founded until 1793 when it was separated from Wythe County.  Wythe County was formed in 1790 from Montgomery County.  Montgomery County was established in 1777 from Fincastle County.  Fincastle was created in 1772 from Botetourt County.  Botetourt was established in 1770 from Augusta County.  What’s interesting is that the State of Kentucky was formed from Kentucky County which came from Fincastle County in 1776.  Russell County was established in 1786 from Washington County.  Washington County was formed in 1776 from Fincastle County.  Everything comes back to Fincastle.  So maybe that’s where I need to do the research.

My great-grandmother was a Bevins and I got to meet several of her family when I visited Pike County, Kentucky in 1980.  I also learned about the Bevins family from visiting with Mr. Clyde Runyon and obtained articles that were written by Henry P Scalf in The East Kentuckian.

I would love to find out if Joseph did any of the following so I can file another patriot in the Daughters of American Colonist:

  • Original land Owner, not inheritor
  • Descendant of Covenanter from Scotland
  • Service in battle under Colonial authority
  • Service under the banner of Great Britain, in North America, in any of the wars in which the Colonies participated
  • All military and naval service of the Colonies
  • Furnished troops or funds

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