Sunday, May 11, 2014

#13 Broken Bones & Other Accidents

I don’t recall ever having a broken bone.  However, when I was a very little girl, I did have my arm sprained.  We were at my grandparents’ house and Dad and Papa were twirling me in the doorway.  I don’t remember much about the incident but I do remember them taking me to the local hospital (at that time, it was located in downtown Centralia).

 I’ve had several traffic accidents.  My first was in my first car – it was winter, snow on the road.  I was driving to college, when a neighbor’s dog came out at the car and I hit it (evidently not hard enough to do any injuries but enough that it wouldn’t go near the road again).  My second car, a Toyota Corolla, had a couple of accidents – one was a hit-and-run when I had the car parked at my apartment complex on the Westside of Olympia.  Another was when I was backing out of a parking spot in the garage under the building I worked at and scraped the cement pole.  (I did it again with a different post with a different car).  Now, I’m leery of parking near posts.  The Subaru was a different story.  People wanted to hit it.  I had people back-up and hit my front-end.  I’ve had people not stop and hit me in the rear-end.  I’ve had dogs run-out and damaged the car (and the dog didn’t survive either).  We replaced that car with a Nissan Altima.  That car had its moments as well . . . all seem to be snow related.  Slid into another vehicle and damaged the front end; hit black ice and did a 180 into the ditch (this was the final moment for the car).  Actually, the car survived the accident – it was the vandalism that occurred afterwards that killed the car.  Although, we have kept it for a back-up car for my husband to drive.  I’ve had a learner (just got his permit) hit me head-on as well.

I had a sprained arm from an accident when the pick-up truck my husband was driving also hit black-ice and went into the ditch head-on.  That was a bummer because I was scheduled to bowl in a local tournament the next weekend.  Had to reschedule it.  It also made it difficult to do things at work.

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