Saturday, May 17, 2014

# 14 - Grade 9 - Love it or Hate it?

We were back at the Centralia Senior High School.  It was like our old stomping ground.  First day of school started out with an all-school assembly.  Interesting thing about school assemblies in the gym.  All the bleachers were opened up.  On one side sat the Juniors and Seniors and on the other were the Freshmen and Sophomores.  We sat in the same spot every time.  No mixing between grades.  That first assembly, they had us Freshmen stay behind.  What did we do?  Well . . .  they basically said that they expected better behavior out of us.  Guess we were too rowdy of a class.  We were also the largest (by our Senior year we had over 230 students).

I was transported to the high school by a bus (I think – for a while we had a station wagon as there were only about 4 of us).  School started at 8 am and we got out at 2:30.  Afternoon route was definitely by bus.  We were picked up at the high school then we went to Ford’s Prairie Elementary School to pick up the first thru third graders.

Grade 9 is when I started going to church again.  I attended football games with my next door neighbor and she invited me to church with her and her family.  I continued going to that church for about six years.  Loved going to the basketball games . . . Dad took me to those.  What’s funny was that we didn’t sit together.  He sat in the visitors section while I sat with friends.  I went to a few dances that were held after ballgames.  Only recall one – that was the homecoming dance that was held in the fall after a football game.  I danced with a Senior that was a hunk!  Another memorable dance was the Christmas Tolo.  I asked a classmate that I was hanging out with but he turned me down.  Then I asked another.  We ended up double-dating with his sister.  I had a beautiful red dress that my mom made.  I wonder if there is a photo still around of that time.

The classmate that I had originally asked was the first death in our group.  It was a sad time.  It was right before Thanksgiving.  Services were held the weekend afterwards. 

This was also the year that I joined Explorer Scouts involved in Search & Rescue.  My dad was one of the advisors.  What a fun group!  For a while I was the only female.  Thank you, Mike Tomasheck, for asking me to be involved.  My dad would never have thought of it.

I think that was also the year I joined Rainbow Girls.  Had a great time with them too!  I was still involved with 4-H and Girl Scouts.

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