Monday, May 26, 2014

#15 - A Special Song

I was raised listening to Country/Western Music on the local radio station – KELA-FM (now known as KMNT on the FM dial).  However, rock & disco was the rage during my teen years.  I did listen to it (rock) but have reverted back to my roots of Country Music.

The band that was all the rage during my high school years was Kid Blast.  Went to several of their concerts.  Chicago was another favorite band of mine.  I liked Neil Diamond’s song “Song Sung Blue”.

Those that I memorized and sang to included Tanya Tucker’s “What’s Your Mama’s Name, Child” and “Delta Dawn”.  I also liked Charlie Rich’s “Most Beautiful Girl” and Donna Fargo’s “Happiest Girl in the USA”.

Another favorite of mine was Bob Lumin’s “Lonely Women Make Good Lovers”.

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