Sunday, June 1, 2014

# 17 – One Ringy Dingy Two Ringy Dingy

When we lived on the dairy farm in Rochester, we had just one phone that I’m aware of and it was a party line.  Don’t remember what our “ring” was but I know that I had to learn it.  It was a wall phone located in the kitchen.  All phones we had were rotary dial.

The phone we had in Zenkner Valley was also a wall phone with Rotary dial.  However, we had our own line.  I think we had another extension in the “train” room for those times that we were busy with the model railroad.

I’m not sure when I switched to push-button, whether it was in my first apartment or whether it was when I moved to Olympia.  We now have at least three phones (cordless) scattered throughout the house (master bedroom, kitchen & living room).  We also have our own cell phones.

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