Sunday, June 29, 2014

#20 - Grade 12

Senior year of High School . . .wow, what a year.  Lots of memories  - where do I start?

Christmas Tolo – went to the dance with a buddy from Search & Rescue, John Graham.  He attended our rival high school.  The dance was held 5 days after I had knee surgery.  Yes, I did dance!  And had a great time! 

What was the surgery?  Well, I had this “bump” on my knee.  It was actually a bone spur that was non-cancerous.  It caused me a lot of pain.  If I overdid it in exercise, it was very difficult to go up and down stairs.  We had one doctor that wouldn't do the surgery.  He felt that it was cosmetic and that I would just be exchanging a lump for a scar and that I had it my entire life and that I would be out of commission for at least a month or two.  Not so!  We asked for a second opinion and he was great.  Said, “if it is bothering you, then it must be removed” and he indicated I wouldn't even have a cast!

Seniors had privileges – our lockers were on a separate level from everyone else and we didn't have to share a locker.  We could also eat at the higher level.

Senior activities during Senior week right before graduation were something else.  Our Picnic was a trip to Deep Lake.  We had Baccalaureate (lots of practice) then Graduation Practice.  We were originally going to have our ceremonies at Tiger Stadium (outdoors) but weather wasn't great so we had it indoors at the high school (although it turned out to be a beautiful day).

Graduation was with honors and I walked down the aisle with a good friend and classmate Robin Krick (Spanish classmate known as Roberto).  Haven’t seen him since except for once when we both were taking the CPA Exam in Seattle.

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