Friday, June 13, 2014

18 – Favorite TV Shows

For as long as I can remember, we had a TV when I was growing up.  Of course, it was a basic black & white for many years and required an antenna to watch.

When we lived out on the prairie (Grand Mound/Rochester), I can remember watching The Smothers Brothers with my parents.  I don’t recall watching TV during the day – just in the evenings.

Up in the valley (Centralia), we could only get a couple of channels.  Once we installed an antenna rotator – we could watch several channels.  Although, Portland channels seem to come in better than Seattle.  Some of the shows we watched included Petticoat Junction, Star Trek (the Original series), Little House on the Prairie, Bonanza, Adam-12, Dragnet, Lawrence Welk, Hee-Haw, The Price is Right, Password, What’s my Line, Dark Shadows, General Hospital, Days of our Lives (Mom liked her soaps and game shows; Dad liked westerns & science fiction).  Oh, we had Bewitched  and I Dream of Jeannie.  There was Battlestar Galactica, Emergency, and Porter Wagoner show. 

Kids shows were Wanda Wanda, JP Patches, and Brakeman Bill (all local).  It wasn’t until our own child did we watch Mr. Rogers and Sesame Street.

We watched several movies – especially John Wayne.  There was one movie I remember watching with my dad that had to deal with mole people (they lived in the dark underground in the mud).

Now, we seem to watch shows like CSI (and it’s spinoffs), JAG (and it’s NCIS spinoffs), ER, Blue Bloods, Mentalist, Pawn Stars, American Restoration and a few oldies that are playing on the Retro channel or we can get from Netflix.

I remembered a few more shows we watched growing up - Partridge Family, Mr. Ed, Addams Family, Lassie, Brady Bunch, Hollywood Squares, The Gong Show.

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